The South African Politician Awards 2017™

The Annual South African Politicians Awards brings together members of the South African Parliament and AU stakeholders to celebrate the work and highlight the outstanding achievements of both new and old returning MPs.  Over 200 people will come together to raise their glasses in well-deserved recognition of the hard work of politician and we look forward to the ceremony next month on the 8th of February after the opening of Parliament with 19 categories.

The mission of The South African Politicians Awards is to recognise the outstanding political leaders, municipalities, political party’s hard work and commitment within the South African Politics. Now in its first year, The South African Politicians Awards will bring together elected officials, key decision makers, commentators and opinion formers, these awards are seen as a means to make new contacts, relationship and renew old acquaintances.

The SAPA’s will be an annual highlight of the country’s political and social calendar and the outcome of the election and expected referendum means next year’s event will be the focus of huge interest.


The only awards to celebrate the achievements of politicians judged by experts of the highest national calibre. These awards are bringing together members of the South African Parliament to celebrate the work and achievements of our politicians across a range of political areas.

This is a unique opportunity to celebrate industry excellence and network with its most distinguished figures and leading organisations.

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